The Wisdom & Wonder of Life

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This book is the fruit of many hours of thinking and reading during a period of twenty years, The Wisdom & Wonder of Life, by author Dr. Cyrus Varan, is as much an exploration of the wisdom, beauty, and wonder of the visible world as it is a rational search for the cause of evolution.

Dr. Varan shares the scientific and biological discoveries of the twentieth century, as well as the astronomical observations of our time, which reveal that the creation of the visible biological and world order is mathematically beyond the theoretical capability of chance events. Contrary to common trends, science is found to be in harmony with theism.

From the viewpoint of a person trained in physical sciences and mathematics, The Wisdom & Wonder of Life shares the views of the great scientific minds which confirm that the formation of the muscles and organs of all of the creatures on earth by chance events would require a period of time far exceeding many trillion times the age of the universe. Written in simple language, it opens the door in a new direction for those seeking purpose and meaning for their existence.

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