The Lovebird's Freedom

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Lydia loves birds and sock-skiing through her apartment, but one night a phone call wakes her whole family. Her Aunt Sanaz has died.

While her mom travels to help the grieving family, Lydia dedicates herself to helping her neighbour Marie rehabilitate some wild baby birds. A blue and copper bird catches her eye and she names him “Lovebird”.

When the time comes for Lovebird to be released from his cage into the wild, Lydia explores her feelings of loss and sadness through a conversation with her dad and
comes to imagine death as its own kind of freedom, a moment when our souls are released from our bodies to fly free.

This book offers families an opportunity to share thoughts, experiences and emotions around loss, grief and healing.

  • Simple concepts and visuals that can be understood by children 6 and up.
  • Practical suggestions to help deal with grief (end of the book) that can be used at home, school or as part of therapy.
  • A book to help with difficult conversations and emotions.

By Esther Maloney

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