Ruhi Book 2 (New)

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Ruhi Book 2 _ Arising to Serve

Book 2 of the main sequence considers what it means to walk a path of service. It consists of three units. The first explores the nature of the joy one derives from serving others, while the next two focus on the knowledge, abilities and qualities needed to enter into conversations that are uplifting to the mind and spirit. The ability to elevate day-to-day conversations by introducing spiritual principles, when the occasion calls for it, is addressed in the second unit. The third, then, turns to community life. Visiting friends and neighbors in their homes to discuss themes central to spiritual and social existence—the second act of service encouraged in the main sequence—strengthens ties of unity and fellowship, so essential to collective life. The three units are entitled: “The Joy of Teaching”, “Uplifting Conversations”, and “Deepening Themes”.

Edition 2.1.1.PE September 2020 

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