Ruhi Book 13 Unit 1

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The study of this book is currently associated with a regional learning process. If you wish to tutor this course of the institute or are intending to participate in its study, please get in touch with your regional institute board.

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South Island Regional Institute Board:

Book 13 _ Engaging in Social Action _ Unit 1 _ Stirrings at the Grassroots

The first unit of this course examines instances of social action that are relatively simple and emerge naturally as the community-building process in a locality, cluster, or region advances. Within this context, participants gain insights into:

  • how the institute process creates conditions, at the level of the individual and at the level of culture, that are conducive to engagement in social action;
  • how social action emerges from natural stirrings at the grassroots;
  • how some of the initiatives that arise remain simple and last for just a short period, while others become more complex as they are sustained over time;
  • how acting within a shared conceptual framework allows the community to achieve coherence in its efforts;
  • how the institution of the Local Spiritual Assembly promotes and supports social action and assists the friends to avoid certain pitfalls;
  • and how the capacity to read social reality must consistently grow.

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