Infinite Bounty

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Gems from the ocean of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation are set to enchanting melodies and ethereal harmonies, blended with diverse instruments and styles inspired by New Age, World, Pop and Middle Eastern genres. It includes collaborations with six outstanding musicians from around the globe. This album is accompanied by a hard cover booklet adorned with stunning, ocean-themed photographs. 

Music composition: Elika Mahony 

Additional Vocals: 
We Must Look Higher: Cheng Lin 程琳 
Sweeten Their souls: Ali Youssefi 
Behold Me: Amelia Mahony 
Seek None Other: Siria Rutstein 
Free Thyself: Nasim Ma’ani 
A Hundred Thousand Hopes: Fiona Doomun-Rouhani 
Lay Not On Any Soul: Ali Youssefi 
Lay Not On Any Soul (background vocals): John Thompson

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