Habits of an Orderly Mind

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Habits of an Orderly Mind is one of the entry-level texts in the series and the first to address mathematical and scientific concepts. It consists of ten readings, each of which is accompanied by a set of activities. The initial nine readings follow the discussions of a group of five friends who, found together in a park in the opening scene, begin to wonder what it means to have an orderly mind when one of them arrives late. In trying to answer this question, they are helped by the parents of two of the youth to think first about simple types of order and then gradually more complex ones. The discussions enable the friends to identify some of the habits that they want to develop—for example, to formulate ideas in an orderly sequence and to express them with clarity, to plan and to prioritize—habits crucial if they are to learn to draw upon their intellectual and spiritual powers. The final reading offers those who study the text an opportunity to reflect on some of the powers of the mind and how they can be employed for the good of humanity: the power of imagination and the power of thought, the power of memory and the power of understanding. 

The text is designed for 11-12-year-olds.

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