First Branch Course of Book 3 (Grade 2)

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This course currently comprises two units:

  • Reflecting on Experience, and
  • Lessons for Children's Classes Grade 2.

The first unit provides teachers opportunity to analyse the insights they gained teaching the Grade 1 materials. The second unit contains 21 lessons for children in the second year of the programme.

The lessons are divided into seven sets of three lessons. Each set addresses some aspect of the habits and patterns of conduct that are a manifestation of the inner qualities addressed in the first year of the program. The themes of the seven sets are:

  1. Maintaining a prayerful attitude
  2. Adhering to the laws of God
  3. Seeking knowledge
  4. Living in harmony with others
  5. Being a good friend
  6. Devoting one's life to service
  7. Engaging in consultation

Each lesson consists of five elements: Memorisation of prayers and quotations; songs; stories; drama; and drawing.

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