Central Figures :The Bab, Vol. 1

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This richly illustrated storybook on the life and teachings of the Bab enables children of all ages to understand and appreciate His divinely ordained Mission as Herald of the coming of Baha'u'llah, as they read inspiring stories.

Volume 1 includes: Religious Awakening in Anticipation of the Coming of The Bab, Mulla Husayn's Search, The Titles of The Bab, The Early life of The Bab, The Youth and Early Manhood of the Bab, The Declaration of The Bab, Prayers of The Bab 
With stories set in historical as well as contemporary contexts, readers will have the opportunity to relive the history of the Faith, while also learning to apply the Baha'i teachings in their everyday lives. Readers will fall in love with these tales of love, service, and sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. Perfect for teachers, parents, and readers of all ages

Rebequa Murphy notes: "This entire series, with its heartwarming stories and outstanding illustrations, is a gift of love to the children of the world. As we read these stories and share them with others, we bring joy to the hearts of the people we meet."

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