Breezes of Confirmation

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Breezes of Confirmation, along with its sister books, Walking the Straight Path and Drawing on the Power of the Word, strives to create within the youth the moral structures that will underlie their decisions and guide their actions as they mature into young adults and active members of society. The materials seek to impart essential moral concepts and build certain attitudes required to live a fruitful and rewarding life. 

Breezes of Confirmation represents a modest beginning in this long-term educational process. It tells the story of Musonda, a young girl who has just turned 13, and her older cousin Rose, who has come to visit for the school holidays. Together with Musonda's brother Godwin and his friend Chishimba, the girls think about their future and discuss their hopes and possibilities. A theme that runs throughout the story is that of making an effort and receiving God's confirmations. This is just one of the many possible themes on which young people need to reflect in order to develop sound moral reasoning.

"It is important that friends study and familiarise themselves with each junior youth text book before studying it with a junior youth group in order to enhance the quality and creativity of animating".

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