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Junior youth is one of the most crucial stages in one’s life. It is during this period that one’s values, world-views, and personality are basically shaped, hence, the special emphasis on the spiritual education of junior youth. To meet this need, Ruhi Institute has developed this course “Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth” and is designed to assist those who intend to serve as junior youth group animators. This module, like other courses produced by this Institute, has been polished and refined over the years based on practical experience in the field. It does not only offer principles and methodologies on empowering the junior youth, it will also expose the participants of the course to concepts and ideas on how to read our society today and how to contribute to the re-building of a better world, a life-long mission which the junior youth would be trained to assume. This much awaited module will undoubtedly be a delight for all to partake in.

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