The Martyrs: True Stories of Heroism

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The Martyrs: True Stories of Heroism is on the life and works of some selected martyrs of the Bahá’í Faith. It contains the heart-rending stories of those stalwarts of the Faith who are shining examples for the entire Bahá’í world community. The language employed in the book is very simple as it is primarily meant for the junior youths and the young adults. The book is ideal to be used as an inspiring deepening material for the zealous young Bahá’ís. It is highly suitable to be used in the study circles especially while studying the Ruhi Book 4 on the history of the Faith. The book is also suitable to be presented to the interested seekers who are keen to learn the history of the Faith and its early believers.

The book is indeed heart-touching as it narrates the true and emotional stories of nineteen simple, fearless and steadfast believers who joyfully sacrificed everything they possessed for the sake of their faith.

Author: Betty Frost

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