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Tahereh, one of the living letters of The Bab, was a poet and a key figure within the Babism. The book is divided in three chapters describing her origins, biography and work.

The first chapter tells the origins where the author carried out a thorough research through historical records and documents in different languages and across several countries. The second chapter Bahá'u'lláh, the Manifestation of God for this day, was the first thinker to declare that "The world is but one country and mankind its citizens". The process, rules and  values to achieve this key goal may be called "New World Order". This book includes an audio CD with the poem "Message of Peace" by Mr. Manuchehr Hejazi Tafreshi, chanted by the melodic voice of Behnam in a especially composed song, accompanied by the musicians of Nehal Musical Ensemble of Iran.

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